Thursday, 26 May 2011


"For guys swimming every day, nude made sense - no wet bathing suits getting moldy in lockers and causing infections as they can. There will be those who strongly disagree, but I always found swimming nude made better times and hence conditioned the swimmers better for the actual meets. And it used to be until quite recently that modesty and privacy for boys was not considered something necessary or desirable for that matter so swimming nude was considered to be a normal and healthy thing for boys. Times changed very quickly and not for the better in some respects in my opinion. The current rampant sexuality in media combined with the current puritanical view of nudity makes for very strange times".

Swim meets were done nude too, although the other teams did not always swim nude. We were ok with that as it gave us a slight competitive edge that may have made the difference between first and second place a few times. Their audiences and fans seemed to enjoy the view of seeing us swimming and hanging around the pool naked. Those were some of the most "esteem building" experiences a young guy could have! All very natural, fun, and I am thankful today that I had those experiences! I think a lot of people with hang-ups about being naked should have experienced what I did! They would save a lot of money on therapists!

We swam in our birthday suits at college, including intercollegiate meets with females present. I recall one rather embarrassing incident when my family came to a meet with my brothers girlfriend and a young aunt by marriage in tow. I'd always had it drummed into me that masturbation was evil, I'd go to hell/go blind/ get hairy palms etc, so at 18 I was a virgin who masturbated seldom and felt guilty afterwards, resulting in regular inconvenient erections. While talking to my family on the bleachers I felt that regular twitch as my John Thomas began to swell. I said I had to go but Dad shot me down telling me to stay put, they'd traveled a distance I'd bloody well talk to them. So there I am getting checked out my todgger grew. I was fully hard by the time my Dad noticed and quickly dismissed me

We swam nude at school and college. My college swim coach came to my high school in my last year to watch us swim. I was called over to meet him as I was seeking a swimming scholarship to his college. He had his wife and daughter with him. Two off our family traits are baldness (lost my wavy mop in my late 20's) and being well endowed. The daughter was also about 18 and she and her mum stood there all the while. The conversation lasted maybe ten minutes but felt a lot longer, due to my immense fear of getting an erection. Thankfully I didn't!

Our home meets we had the choice but no one on the team ever wore a suit to my recollection. At our open practices when I was a coach - I am sure if a boy was uncomfortable nude in mixed company, they would not have joined the swim team but that issue just never came up when boys were trying out for the team. And I was always nude at these open practices as well - never asked them to do what I was not willing to do myself. Former Swim Coach

Nude practice every morning - no suits allowed. Even when I was an 18 year old senior, nude was the rule.


  1. I also grew up swimming nude starting in junior high school. For some reason they did not allow girls to swim nude also in thier own seperate classes. Today it seems that nude swimming is some sort of pornographic thing or else it is some sort of gay sex thing because no one has the experience of nude swimming as recreation. There might be come nudist clubs in Europe that still have nude swim teams today as the photos suggest, but it is hard to get infomation on them.
    The clubs I find on line today sometimes require that you can swim nude only if you bring in your wife.
    There is a nudist public pool in Finland today still that has every other day for nude men's swimming and nude women's swimming and a sauna. Any one with more information on nude men's swimming and swim team practices?

  2. During my many travels across the United States I came across a private swim club in the Tri State region (Ohio, Indiana, Michigan)that held swim practice at the Tri State University in Indiana. It was for all boys age 13 to 18 that is juniour high school and high school and all swim practices were nude. It was a requirement that no swim suits were allowed. The boys that swam there liked it that way. The club was still open in 1994!! However it was not open to the college students nor the general public. I do not live there so I do not know what happened to it or if they they still hold nude swim practice today. There is a swim team, the one at Auburn Alabama that still hold nude swim practice (required) for the men's swim team today. For some unknown reason, nude swimming is not available to the other college students.

  3. I was in Evanston, Illinois(sp?) from 1969-1973 at
    a residential Junior College called Kendall. We had no pool just a warehouse gym arts building that got sold to pay off a debt from a lemon computer.
    So we use to go to the YMCA in downtown Evanston. I had taken a scuba diving course from a local dive shop & went to the pool on a Friday nite and walked in with my speedo on to practice my swim endurance & got yelled at and told to go back & take it off or you can't swim by the men there.
    I was only 22 and did not expect this as I thought I was in a public place. The lifeguard had a suit on... So I got undressed & made a dash for the pool & dove in quick. It took some courage but I got use to it & later looked forward to the uninhibited freedom that came with the nude only Friday nite swims. Now I wish it was still that way at certain weeknites. The new YMCA pools today have windows unlike the old residential YMCA in Evanston with high walls.

  4. Lane Tech High School in Chicago was well known as one of the last bastions there for mandatory nude swimming - it had been an all boys school. However, when I went to Indiana University in the 70s the men's pool there had mandatory nude swimming. I remember a grad student who had transferred from Colorado complain about it to another guy when we were in the showers, so it wasn't universal. If you read about this issue, there seems to be a universal question "why". The "hygiene" theory seems pretty lame - girls generally swam in bathing suits. I suspect it was a holdover from the well established tradition of males skinny dipping at the swimming hole, coupled with the idea that boys were destined one day to go into the military where privacy was frequently given up. In elementary our grade school boys room had toilets lined up next to each other - no dividers - and trough urinals, so this idea that males don't need to worry about exposing themselves to other males didn't just apply to swimming pools. The blogger makes a good point that we live in bizarre times where hypersexuality is everywhere yet we now grow up being afraid to be seen naked, not even by the same sex. Possibly the gay revolution is partly to blame - apparently a lsome guys don't want to be seen naked in the company of males because they suspect some of their compadres are gay and are checking them out.

  5. The Clothed Female, Naked Male photo 3rd from the bottom has been called a suspected fake on some other sites. Does anyone have a link to the original source?

  6. I can remember taking swimming lessons at the YMCA in the late 60's. I was 10 & 11 years old at the time and all the boys were nude except the two swimming coaches. There were a couple of times one of the male coaches wasn't there so a female coach would take his place. She was younger than my mother so she was probably in her late 20's. I have never heard of a female coach teaching nude boys before or since.

    As a side note, whenever my family went for a swim at the lake, my dad and I were nude while my mother & older sister wore swimsuits. That seemed to be the norm for most families we knew. The males nude, the ladies stayed covered.

  7. Are there any nude over age 18 swimming pools today in 2013 for lap practice swimming or masters swimming. Do nudist clubs have swim meets? Also are there any waterpolo teams that play naked. I don't
    mind if they are gay or straight.

    1. Since you haven't indicated where you are in the world, it is not possible to give you an accurate answer. Do a Google search for your area on indoor pools, nudist clubs and water polo.

    2. and plus why do you ask?

  8. I went to Curtis High School on Staten Island from 1958 to June of 1962 and the we boy were always nude for swim class which was once a week as part of health & physical education class and also nude for swim team practice but for meets we had our speedos on. TM.

  9. From what I have read at the Y it was always nude swimming and lessons for males until the mid to late 60s when some preacher put up a fuss. Funny thing is, when I was a young kid in the late 60s and attending church camp we had "polar bear" swims in the morning for guys who wanted to swim. Only requirement was no swimsuits-- it was a boys only camp so not an issue with girls. The afternoon swims, we wore suits. Not sure why. But given we all used communal showers in the barracks-like quarters and had an open changing room at the pool, being nude was no big deal back then. Sad now that I see lots of young guys in middle and high school PE showering in their underwear!